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Baltic Wharf Recycled Metals Aggregation & Export Hub


In 2023 we opened our integrated metal recycling site and bulk shipping wharf on the banks of the river Crouch in Essex, UK. Conveniently located to service London, Anglia and the South-East, this hub has access to some of the UK’s most important recycled metals supply markets. Managed by an expert team of experienced merchants and operators, this site gives Unimetals a firm base for stock aggregation, sorting, quality inspection and export.

Thanks to the integrated port facility and excellent access to London our Baltic Wharf Hub gives us the flexibility of shipping goods either in bulk (typically recycled steel into Europe and North Africa) or in containers (steel, aluminium, copper and other non-ferrous recycled metals to any global destination).

This Hub focuses on supporting our industrial partners – collecting and accepting deliveries of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from our clients which include; other merchants, demolition companies, waste management groups, end-of-life vehicle operations and nearby industrial sites & factories.

On-site; we sort, blend and prepare materials for direct injection into our customers steel making, or non-ferrous smelting operations.

With significant industrial land in the local area, we are evaluating options for additional on-site processing to help us increase throughput or better processes the goods handled on site for increased value generation.



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