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Unimetals was established with the goal of enhancing the metals and recycling industry by engaging in the development, acquisition, trading, partnership, and operation of businesses involved in metals recycling and processing, particularly in critical, energy transition, and precious metals sectors.

Our primary focus lies in maximising the commercial value and efficiency of metal and mineral recycling, processing, refining, and delivery. These activities are crucial for the foundation of our society, both in the present and as we move towards a more sustainable future.


Jamie Afnaim


Jamie has been involved in commodities trade, structured finance and M&A since the early 2000’s. Most recently, he built and led the commodity trading business at Gemcorp (UK), providing strategic trade and supply chain solutions to sovereigns and growth focused corporates in emerging markets.

Jamie started his career at Ronly Holdings, a family-owned diversified commodities business. He was part of the core Ronly team until late 2011, when his family exited the business. Following this, Jamie joined RB Metalloyd (RBM), a steel making raw materials business owned by the Reuben Brothers, as commercial director. During his time at RBM he was part of the team which implemented the transition of RBM to Gerald Metals and subsequently worked at Gerald until 2016, running the structured finance group for the copper and ferrous divisions.

Over the years, Jamie has originated, structured, executed and overseen the operations of commodity transactions across metals, energy and agricultural commodities.

Alec E. Sellem


Alec is a serial entrepreneur who has built several businesses in Emerging Markets since 2005. He has worked closely with governments and has a successful track record of developing projects (particularly in the precious metals space) for over 10 years.

Most recently Alec has built and operated a refinery within a central bank and developed a number of technology solutions to address supply-chain traceability.

He has also successfully developed and implemented ecosystems for artisanal and semi-industrial mining based on the OECD guide, which led to a strong social impact, enhancing remote communities to become economically sustainable, balancing mining and small-scale agriculture.

Alec has implemented, and managed industrial projects in unfavourable environments, has a strong expertise in emerging market supply chains and now focuses on critical metals.



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