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Merchanting Services

We are experienced and reliable importers and exporters. Our aim is to offer trade expertise as well as marketing, storage, finance and logistics services to our partners, helping them secure a safe and reliable flow of materials and / or opening new markets for your goods


  • We offer a comprehensive supply and procurement service for critical, transition and precious metals
  • Responsible and reliable supply, sourcing and delivery
  • A dependable and secure flow of materials on both a spot or long-term basis


  • We engage in commercial purchase and sales agreements, promotion and agency services for producers or industrial consumers
  • Profit sharing and agency structures
  • Timely and value-accretive selling models
  • ESG and responsible supply-chain attentiveness and expertise


  • We manage inventory on behalf of our partners
  • We oversee our partners’ operational storage or manage inventory on their behalf and carry stock for just-in-time distribution for our clients


  • We provide reliable and cost-effective ground, air and seaborne services to move products seamlessly around the globe
  • Proactive and detail-oriented monitoring to ensure products are always on-spec and meeting quality and weight expectations
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