As part of this endeavour, we are proud to use our state-of-the-art hydrometallurgical operation in Kezad, located near the port of Abu Dhabi.

This facility specialises in the transparent and efficient recovery of metals, particularly PGMs. It is the first of its kind in the Middle East and is designed to capture metals from low-grade feedstock sources PGMs that may have been overlooked or unrecoverable in our clients’ operations.

Our approach is rooted in collaboration. We actively identify and engage with strategically relevant businesses, forming partnerships, developing initiatives, or acquiring companies that align with our mission. Each operation and partnership within the Unimetals group is highly valued, as they play an integral role in our overall strategy.

Together, we are forging a path towards a more sustainable and efficient future in the metals and recycling industry.



Our hands-on-approach ensures we maximise the potential of each of our businesses and ensures a swift realisation of their full capabilities.

We are dedicated to responsible business practices that guarantee the long-term sustainability of our investments. This commitment ensures that our ventures are built to thrive and withstand the test of time.

With our on-site presence, we are equipped to address any commercial, technical, financial, and operational challenges that may arise promptly. By being physically present, we can provide immediate solutions and keep operations running smoothly.

Our strategic focus lies in maintaining a diverse multi-metal portfolio, spread across various geographical locations and risk profiles. This approach safeguards against over-reliance on specific markets or sectors, reducing potential vulnerabilities.



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